Wayfaring Ministries 

    For The Man Out Of The Way

    Isaiah 35:8~10

    Co-Pastor Diane Brunson

    Pastor Diane, the Co-Pastor of Wayfaring Ministries Inc., is a wife, a mother, a friend and a victorious child of God who is daily walking through the refiners fire to be made pure gold.  Her passion to serve not in a religious sector but a Kingdom where people can be taught how to live a righteous lifestyle is her daily goal.  She is a clear prophetic voice that preaches, teaches and walks in the Truth of God's Word.  Her mandate is to proclaim in the Kingdom of God TRUE character, TRUE worship, TRUE deliverance, and TRUE repentance.  Pastor Diane is bold in proclaiming the Word of God and believes the life of God's people must line up like 6:00! 

     Pastor Diane has a tender heart and a love for God and His people.  Her desire is to expose sin that the Kingdom of God might be presented spotless before the King.  She serves, exalts and rebukes because as Nehemiah, she is one who sits on the wall and will not move nor compromise with rebellion and sin.

    She has developed a Women's Ministry, "Gathering of God's Jewels" within Wayfaring and it is continually blessing the hearts of many women who have been hurt, broken, damaged or just in need of encouragement. 

    Apostle Eugene Brunson

    A Shepherd, visionary and CEO of Wayfaring Ministries Inc., a man with a voice within the community, and a trailblazer of his time.  Carrying a passion for outreach ministry and God's people.  Apostle Eugene Brunson, pastor and founder since March 1987 has been a spiritual father to many since and before the inception of the ministry.

    The CEO and founder of the Wayfaring Ministries, Inc., a non-profit organization birthed through a vision God gave Apostle Brunson along with the scripture Isaiah 35:8-10. God spoke and told him, "Never let another man go through the hardships of life you yourself went through".

    Apostle Brunson has  a heart for outreach and the people.  He began preaching on the corners with mailboxes as his podiums to reach the young men and women within the inner city who struggled with identity, came from one parent households, homelessness and hunger.  Apostle Brunson became the respected father of the neighborhoods.  He is affectionately known as Mr. Brunson to the youth, Revered to the elderly and "Pops" to the teen generation.  Apostle Brunson began outreach ministry after reaching out to the community.  He began going into the shelters within the New Haven community along with going into four Connecticut Prisons. He began raising up leaders within the ministry to assist him on this mission to recover the lost.  He then began setting up bible studies in half-way houses, convalescent homes, elderly buildings and visiting the home bound who were afflicted with infirmities.

    Apostle Brunson continues to regain the community through prayer walks, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked; offering support in times of need and reaching the people through raising up a host of dedicated volunteers and outreach workers through his teachings.