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Tanya E Randall

Senior Pastor

Pastor Tanya has a prophetic voice for the Kingdom of God as her assignment is to speak Kingdom Language into the heart of God's people to bring the light of God's word to pass in their lives. Through her powerful illustrative teachings, Pastor Tanya is passionate about demonstrating God's Word through various artistic forms.  She is also the founder and CEO of Tanya E. Randall Productions Company, where she teaches creative writing and produces and directs tailored scripts as another form of bringing messages to life. She enjoys helping people learn to love each other by first understanding the love of God for themselves.

Diane Brunson


She serves as a prophetic voice for the Kingdom of God. Her passion is to speak into the hearts of women and to bring encouragement to their lives.  She serves, exalts and rebukes because of her love and tender heart for God's people to live and do right.  Co-Pastor Diane is the wife of

Chief Apostle Eugene Brunson. 


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Eugene Brunson

Chief Apostle

The Overseer of Wayfaring Ministries Inc. serving as the spiritual father to the community.  His motto to mankind is  "Never let another man go through what you've been through."  He has a strong commitment to a life of prayer and he believes in Outreach Ministry as the key to reaching souls.  He serves the Kingdom with his wife, Co-Pastor Diane Brunson by his side.


Our Beliefs

We are firmly rooted in Christian Orthodoxy; acknowledging and affirming the historic declaration and creeds that have been help by Christians for centuries.  These foundational truths serve as the bedrock of our faith, uniting us with the broader Christian community.

We are unapologetically Bible-based and Christ-centered. We acknowledge the Bible as the inspired Word of God.  Salvation, a profound gift bestowed by God, is attained through faith in Jesus Christ.  Our belief in the Gospel propels us to live lives of holiness, serving as personal witnesses to our faith.  It is not just doctrine; it's a way of life.

We fully embrace the presence and work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and within our gatherings.  We recognize the Spirit's ongoing guidance, seeking His direction for the vision and mission of our church.  The spirit-led approach allows us to dynamically engage with our faith, ever-evolving as we navigate our spiritual journey. 

Our Culture


We are a church that guides people into their God-given gifts and calling. We value empowering people to become productive for society and God’s Kingdom.


We want to cultivate an atmosphere of abundant life where people are inspired, healed, and set free…we share a Kingdom Language through the Good News of Jesus Christ.


 We are a place where unconditional love changes lives as our fellowship with one another help people find their way to God.

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